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24 Inches HRGRILL Ceramic Kamado Pellet Grill

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24 Inches HRGRILL Ceramic Kamado Pellet Grill 


Assembly size:1400X790X1300MM  Hopper capacity : 12lbs

Total Cooking space: 499 sq.inch  Main Cooking area: Ø530mm  Cooking height: :915mm  Voltage : 110 V.

Net weight : 117kg / Gross weight : 141kg


Kamado pellet grill( with dimple surface )

Thick wall ceramic body, durable and long-lasting, provides superior heat distribution and preservation, with fuel cost saving up to 20%.

Extra Center Ceramic Protection, which makes warm keep, fire properly and temperature distributes more evenly.

Pattern Registering in UK, registered in USA. First Company in the world to invent Ceramic Kamado Pellet Grill.

Available with foldable natural Hard Bamboo side table.

Equipped with the stand and side hopper made of power coating steel.

A powerful combination of cast-iron grate and high-end warming rack with enamel lines.

Distinctive extra flavor created by the combined efforts of pellet smoking grilling and Kamado body.

4” x 4 casters , 2 with breaks

Ø30mm SS409 lid handle and Ø25mm SS409 side handle included

1x pcs a grease bucket included

1 x pcs rain cover included

 Color : black / orange /green

Package: Brown box with pallet.

Package size: 1040x770x780 mm,  Loading qty : 20’/40HC: 48pcs/99pcs

FOB Shanghai : 

Payment term: 10% deposit before production, balance is paid after shipping within 30days